Our Mission

This year's theme: WE Are Resilient

The 2021 National Conference on Women in Economics was founded upon the mission of bringing together women from across the nation to develop, inspire, and transform the field of economics into a more collaborative and inclusive community. From developing strategies to encourage more female-identifying students to pursue careers in economics, to understanding and addressing biases in economic research, to advancing economic opportunity and security for underrepresented populations, our conference strives to discuss and illuminate disparities and bolster resilience at every level of our field and our economy.


Our Leadership Team


Savannah Donegan

Executive Director


Anna Steffensen

Conference Coordinator


Conference Committees

Chairs and Committee Members

Outreach & Recruitment

Clare Porter

Anastasiya Kelnhofer

Claire James
Josie Tuchscherer
Kelsi Salm
Kendall Chraplewski
Reccla Mojingkui

Media & Design

Abigail Fehler

Josephine Minz

Aabha Mishra
Manola Inthavong
Marissa Faulkner
Rachel Pederson
Samhitha Srinivas

Logistics & Planning

Tapasya Nangpal

Lauren Smith
Lucia Garber
Maris Keenlance
Meg Bryan
Sofia Chiang
Sophia Lansell

Finance & Grants

Emily Sletten

Audra Sarver
Gulinazi Julati
Kate Owens
Lauren Dean
Siti Nafisah Azni


Our Advising Team


Gwyn Pauley

Lecturer, Department of Economics


Ilsa May

Career and Outreach Coordinator, Department of Economics


Corina Mommaerts

Assistant Professor, Department of Economics