Women in Economics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Proud host of the National Conference on Women in Economics 2021

UW-WE strives to promote awareness of gender disparities and barriers within the field of economics, and to educate, encourage, and empower and a community of female economists through outreach, mentorships, and discourse at the undergraduate level and beyond.


Founding & History

The birth of Undergraduate Women in Economics

Nationwide, there are about three males for every female student majoring in economics. This ratio has not changed for more than 20 years.

In January 2015, Harvard University professor Claudia Goldin with project manager Tatyana Avilova formally launched an initiative, the Undergraduate Women in Economics Challenge (UWE), to address this disparity at US post-secondary institutions. The goal of the UWE was to encourage more undergraduate women to major in Economics by providing funding and guidance to economics departments at 20 randomly selected US colleges and universities. One of these was the Department of Economics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Although the trial and challenge have since concluded, this project sparked the creation of an ever-growing network of independent undergraduate Women in Economics student organizations across the country, including the University of Wisconsin-Madison chapter.

Through organizational and conference efforts, our goal is to continue to grow our members and organizations and educate, encourage, and empower a new generation of female economists.


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